[EVENT] MBC Korean Music Wave 2013 in Singapore

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MBC Korean Music Wave 2013 in Singapore
by Taiga_C on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 at 1:37 pm


After much speculation over the past few weeks, MBC Korean Music Wave 2013 in Singapore has been confirmed! A press conference for the event was held just this afternoon, where performing artistes and venue and ticketing details were confirmed. For now, keep 16 November free for the biggest KPOP concert held yet in Singapore - and because you've got a date with more than 70 KPOP idols!


MBC Korean Music Wave in Singapore 2013 is a first-of-its-kind large scale K-pop concert to be in Singapore at the scenic Gardens By The Bay.

Performing Artists

  • - Shinee
  • - 2PM
  • - 2AM
  • - EXO
  • - FT Island
  • - B1A4
  • - Teentop
  • - B.A.P
  • - Miss A
  • - Kara
  • - Sistar
  • - IU
  • - 4minute

Event Information

MBC Korean Music Wave 2013 in Singapore

Date: 16th of November 2013, Saturday

Time: 7PM - 10PM

Venue: Gardens By The Bay, The Meadow

Ticket Information

Priority Sales: 1 September 2013, at Scape
Public Sales: 2 September 2013 onwards, available on www.singtic.com
Prices: $168.00 (Hill 3), $188.00 (Hill 2A & 2B), $238.00 (Hill 1), $268.00 (Premier), $368.00 (Platinum), $688.00 (Super VIP Experience Package)

Super VIP Experience Package:

  • 1. Best view, best atmosphere - Access to Super VIP mosh pit on event day.
  • 2. No queue - Flash pass and get escorted into venue by the event crew.
  • 3. Access to rehearsal session - First Dme in the history of concerts held in Singapore, Super VIP pass-holder is allowed to access the rehearsal session on 15th & 16th Nov 2013 (scheduled access at DME to be announced).
  • 4. Access to Press Conference - First 50 Super VIP pass-holders will get invitation to attend the official Press Conference of the event to be held on the 15th Nov 2013. (see your favorite artist upclose off-stage)

Seating Plan

Admission Rules

1. Admission is only allowed through your designated gate.
2. Gate opens 3 hours before the event. Please be at the gate at least 45 minutes before event.
3. E-Ticket holders are advised to exchange for physical ticket at the designated booth.

Terms and Conditions

The organizer reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions as when it wants. Refer to the latest announcement and terms and conditions at the official website www.musicwave.sg

For further information, do visit MBC Korean Music Wave in Singapore's Facebook Page.

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