[COVERAGE] Infinite ‘One Great Step’ Press Conference in Singapore

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Infinite ‘One Great Step’ Press Conference in Singapore
by Jeanette on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 4:29 pm


5th October 2013 – After three years, Infinite took ‘One Great Step’ and are finally back in Singapore for their solo concert. Looking dapper in white suits, leader Sunggyu explained that the name for their concert ‘One Great Step’ was inspired from Neil Armstrong – “One small step for man, one giant step for mankind” And one giant step did they take. Their popularity definitely rose since their last visit here in Singapore three years ago.

When asked about what they missed the most about Singapore, Woohyun mentioned that he misses the fans’ love the most and he couldn’t wait to meet them at their concert the next day. And who can ever forget the taste of famous chilli crab? Sunggyu excitedly exclaimed in English “I love Chilli Crab! Very nice food!” and said he has been looking forward to tasting it.

For the Singapore leg of their world tour, Infinite has also prepared a special stage for their fans – a local song which they insisted on keeping hush about. The boys also mentioned that Singapore also has a special place in their hearts because this is where they had their first overseas activities and they are very delighted to be back again. Hoya also quipped that the many memories and support that their fans have given are a source of strength to them as well.

Infinite’s One Great Step was sponsored by Samsung Galaxy, so it was quite a sight to see all seven members sporting a Galaxy Gear and a Note III in hand. Hoya demonstrated how the Galaxy Gear works while Woohyun (who was nominated as selca king by his members) demonstrated how to take the perfect selca – a 45 degree angle is a must and don’t forget to photo shop your pictures!

SG K-Wave would like to thank Samsung and ONE Production for extending their invitation to attend Infinite ‘One Great Step’ World Tour in Singapore Press Conference.

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