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SG K-Wave is the leading Singapore based Korean-Wave Community Website, and we aim to provide the most updated and exclusive local Korean news and events in Singapore.

Other than providing K-Entertainment news, we strive to provide the most extensive coverage on K-Fashion, K-Travel and K-Food.

Started on 1st January 2010, the SG K-Wave member base has grown rapidly, and within a year, we have grown to 6000 members and counting.

Our current official partnerships since our start up for the past one year includes TEENAGE Magazine, where we covered the Kpop Dance Battle 2010, as well as Alpha Entertainment, where we were chosen as the media representatives with the exclusive rights to cover the entire Alpha Entertainment / JYP Entertainment ASEAN Region Auditions.

1. Previously featured in Channel News Asia.


2. Featured in OMY, ZaoBao & My Paper.
3. Official partners of TEENAGE Magazine & Alpha Entertainment.
4. Member of WAH! KOREA Committee by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

Our Team


Founder & Webmaster

Ever since being introduced to Korean music in 2009, Tarry has been addicted to the upbeat tune of this foreign language music.  He is also very grateful for k-pop songs as they accompanied him throughout his NS life. In order to spread his love to more of his fellow Singaporean, he launched the first ever k-pop community "SG K-Wave" on the 1st of Jan 2010! Not to forget, Tarry is also an avid fan of the 5 members girl group, KARA!

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Influenced by Tarry's passion for K-Pop. Stanlie decided to join venture with him and spread the K-Wave culture to fellow Singaporeans. His favourite group is none other than KARA!

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ZuneL was first introduced to KPOP when he attended B.E.G's (Brown Eye Girls) concert in Singapore with Tarry and Stanlie. It was after then did he begin to get into KPOP, especially after he began to watch their variety programs. ZuneL's favorite idol group is Girls Generation and needless to say, his bias is the kid leader, Tae Yeon!

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Forum Administrator

Having experienced Student Exchange Program in 2008 at Korea University made Tanker fell in love with Korea. He loves K-Food, K-Culture, K-Shopping, K-Drama and K-Pop. Always on the lookout for the best authentic Korean Food located in Singapore. Of course, Tanker is also a big fan of SNSD and a proud Sone.

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Entertainment Editor & Writer

As a media and entertainment junkie, Jeanette is usually glued to her Blackberry, trollling on Twitter. If this self-professed hopeless romantic is not writing, shopping or eating, she likes taking photos, snuggling in bed watching sappy Korean dramas & has she already mentioned, oogling at more cute Korean boys? Watch her talk to herself at @jeanettetham. And if you really must know, she is a proud citizen of JYP Nation and above all, she is proud Hottest!

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Entertainment Editor & Writer

It was only in 2004 did Ellialyn knew about KPOP, despite already listening to  her first KPOP song in 2002 (BoA's No.1 and Shinhwa's Perfect Man), and it was only because her mother was insane over Rain (still is a huge fan of him today). A year later, her best friend properly introduced her to the world of KPOP and from there, a whole new journey began. Through XMAN and Love Letter (then variety shows), she got to know of MC Yoo (Yoo Jae Suk) and Kang Ho Dong- and most importantly, TVXQ. She did not begin as a fan but on 31 January 2007, some 4.15pm to 6.30pm, something changed and she has since been a strong supporter of the five boys (now already men). She is also a fan of Jay Park, from whom she has learnt the true meaning of "love and respect". Being a part of SGK-Wave means she gets to contribute to KPOP in Singapore while doing what she enjoys the most: writing. And yes, of course, seeing the fans' and artistes' passion during events!

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