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[POST-EVENT] SHINee SEA & Y.O.U Showcase in Singapore

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Posted 14 March 2010 - 09:43 PM

Let's share our fan account here! :lol:

Fancams everything are welcomed!!

#2 Melonade


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Posted 14 March 2010 - 09:44 PM

Fan Account - SHINee in SG

SEA –Regarding SG Shawols leaving right after SHINee performance. I think this problem lies with Singaporeans itself if you have ever been to Singapore National Day Parade or any big event. Singaporeans just have the weird and stupid habit of leaving a concert early just because they don’t want to squeeze and rush for the public transport home. This problem does not lie with SG shawols but Singaporeans as a whole. So, I think this can be left out of the fan account and to add in, many of the audience there are Malays and Indians who are there for SHINee. They probably think that they should leave since they do not understand what the MC and the celebrities are saying(Mandarin + random Hokkien & Cantonese)? I didn’t leave and waited for Eason Chen to finish his performance. I was enjoying the whole e-award. All artist did a wonderful performance.

Showcase @ IMM - I am glad that I went to the showcase even though I was a little unhappy with some of the way Warner Music handle this event. But one big thank you to Warner Music for bringing SHINee to Singapore. Many SG Shawols were disappointed with ourselves and sad when we noticed Jjong’s expressions during SEA.(We are not pissed with Jjong and are blaming ourselves instead. How can we get angry with SHINee? It's impossible!) It was really a relief to see him smiling at the showcase. I hope we were all overly sensitive and Jjong was not mad at SG shawols for any reasons. Perhaps we are observing their expression a little too much?

We were sun tanning while waiting for the showcase to start. The weather is crazy. One minute we are like roasting ourselves under the sun and it actually rains the next second. Those shawols who are drench in the rain should really go get some rest NOW please!!!

While waiting, the DJ played Ring Ding Dong and the crowd goes crazy singing along and someone even danced to Ring Ding Dong. It was like a party. Shawol are enjoying themselves even before SHINee arrives. It is like warming up which is unnecessary since we will automatically goes on crazy mode once they are here.

Before SHINee arrive, the MC requested us to sing RDD together. I think they want to film us singing it. Anyway, halfway through the song everyone was tired. RDD is a tiring song for us to finish singing the full song :lol: *Give a clap to our boys for their amazing RDD perf*. Initially, the MC wants us to sing the chorus of RDD but how can we miss out singing “BABY~~”? Shawols made a request in return to be given the chance to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jjong. :D The MC invited a Korean to teach us how to sing it in Korean but everyone just started singing along once she started singing.

The MC was initially speaking in Chinese since this event was hosted by a Chinese radio DJ and the event was part of the whole SEA event. But many shawols are requesting for the MC to speak in English since there are many Malays and Indians there who do not understand Chinese. I actually find the MC rather uncomfortable speaking in English since I think he is used to hosting shows in Chinese. He tried his best but I heard ONE shawol laughing at his pronunciation.

Okay. Finally SHINee arrives with umbrellas and we could see nothing but their umbrellas as the event organizers had used some black clothes to block out our view of the boys arriving and leaving. The crowd starts screaming and squeezing their way to the front. It was crazy. They greeted the crowd and the crowd goes crazy screaming away. Then we tried to control and first song was Noona Neomu Yeppeo. The fan went crazy and was screaming. Not throughout the whole song though. (We have somehow tried our best to scream at the correct timing.) We even tried to follow to the Korean fan chant for JOJO which I think it came out pretty nice? I believe we can do better for their next visit!!!
The MC asked them some questions. There are pretty many OnTae moments going on. I saw Onew tidying TaeMin's hair or is he wiping of his sweat? They did the heart and many whispering giggling going on between the 2.

Our early birthday celebration is really a laughing topic to them. I was laughing at their shocked expression when they have the “why are they singing Happy Birthday to Jjong”. This birthday song is ONE month early but I am happy that Jjong is smiling. Onew look very confused and TaeMin was like "ah~ It's for JongHyun hyung". Onleader burst our a big smile on his face the moment Taem told him it's for Jjong. Jjong on the other hand seems to know that this is for him right from the start. MinHo and Key just stare with lots of question marks.I hope that they don't misunderstand and thought that we have made a mistake and think that today is Jjong's birthday? Although Jjong was not my bias/favourite member, I was checking out his expression all the time just to ensure that he was not in a bad mood. His angry expression at SEA really makes us sad and uncomfortable yesterday. I am so HAPPY that he is smiling today. Onew was smiling throughout his visit and his smile is the BEST and contagious. I think he is totally enjoying himself here.

Before SHINee perform Ring Ding Dong, Onew shouted “Make Some Noise” in English. Yes. He asked us to make some noise but Onew yah… Aren’t us noisy enough? Haha. Instead of screaming crazily, we were pretty much quiet during their performance since we have constantly reminding one another to be quiet while they are performing. A great improvement made by SG Shawol.

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Posted 14 March 2010 - 10:31 PM

SEA: It totally went crazy when shinee came out, fans was standing on the seats itself to see them, including myself. .___. Screaming and screaming was heard, even when the translators are translating, we should control our excitement nxt time round and scream when it is necessary. :lol: Noona neomu yeppeo, Jojo, RDD. Three full songs ! I am really contented. It was really disappointing to see most ppl leaving after shinee performance, it was more of rude to eason, really. Imagine you singing halfway and ppl trying to leave. Thats really hurtful to the singer itself. Respect singers ! Plus he has a great voice ! You would only need to stick your butt to the chair for another 10-15 min, will it kill? I am not trying to sound offending, but that was my point of view. The MC even said that shinee will be back to avoid this situation, but i guess it is quite futile. Plus it was not a few who left, it was more of hundreds of fans literally, they even block my view to eason.. ;___; But in whole i enjoyed the event, successful !

I didn't went for the showcase cause i think it was really tiring to queue twice and many other reasons. But i am glad that there are fan accounts saying that jjong did smile at the showcase. (: Maybe they are all just too tired from their hectic schedule . Onew's smile is super bright as usual, and his sweat dripping, HOTNESS !Hope they enjoy their stay here and we left a good impression on them ! Fighting SHINEE shawols !

The next time i hope shinee fanclub will win a award for the guys ! <3

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Almighty.dream ! Credits.Me

#4 AngelWithoutWings


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Posted 14 March 2010 - 11:35 PM

i only went for SEA,and those rude shawols spoilt my day -.-
Many people walked off at the middle of the event,and came back when it's reaching shinee's turn.Many people from the back came squatting at the front,luckily,someone informed the crew and dey managed to get them to go back to their seats.[If you get the back seats,just blame on urself that u didnt get ur tix earlier!!imagine wad happens if all people came squatting at the front.then wads the point of the seat no.]
when shinee came on stg,the ppl in the first row stood up,den stood on the chair somemore -.- so ppl behind them had no choice but to stand on the chairs as well...all the fangirls scream like nobody's business.screamin moderately is gd,but cant u just dun scream so loud when they are singing?its just covering their voices...some ppl tried to chant,but it was way too hard bcos of those random screams-.-
and after shinee's perf,those idiotic fans left AGAIN.i was so shock when i saw the seats behind are mostly empty...its lyk almost 1/2 of the audience ran off...i was disgusted by their behaviour.think abt those artists performing after shinee...how would they feel.this is way too rude.

prom15e to 13elieve and 10ve

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#5 Bobby Thia

Bobby Thia

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Posted 15 March 2010 - 12:12 AM

Yeah, it's true. I saw Jjoong not being happy yesterday. Maybe he's like that? Or something... I thought I see wrongly. Haha...

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Posted 15 March 2010 - 01:39 AM


at least give yourself and each other a pat on the backs here for being the better shawols/audience.

HAHAHA i hope they talk about you guys singing a very pre-birthday song for jonghyun ^^
really cant imagine his black face.

thanks for sharing our accounts!
next time also take pictures/fancams lehh.


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Posted 15 March 2010 - 02:35 AM

Found some quality fancams ^^

*Remember to ower your volumes!!*

100313 SEA-Red carpet
100313 SEA-Award + Speech
100313 SEA-Replay
100313 SEA-jojo
100313 SEA-Ring Ding Dong


100313 SEA-Red carpet
100313 SEA-Jonghyun focused-jojo
100313 SEA-Replay
100313 SEA-Ring Ding dong

problem solved ^^ Jonghyun doesnt hate sg
Credits: kunda38

100314 Y.O.U Showcase-Noona is pretty
Credits: SHININGALMIGHTYKEY@the Shining SHINee World

100314 Y.O.U Showcase 1
100314 Y.O.U Showcase 2

Credits: credit SarahP at shakizi

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#8 kristylam


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Posted 15 March 2010 - 05:39 PM

hehe i bought the tickets to SEA but in the end i gave up coz I was really too tired...
so my friend gave my 2 tickets to some random fans at the venue~
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Posted 19 September 2017 - 07:42 AM

haha. I literally LOLd. Tomek- is your front bumper a different color then your hood and stuff?

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