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CLC Hobgoblin Cover! #READTHIS

06 April 2017 - 08:11 AM

Hi everyone! Okay instead of asking for a crew or what not, does anyone want to do a cover/ learn the choreo of CLC Hobgoblin? :> It will be a short-term kind of taskforce projected to finish the choreography of Hobgoblin. 

Well this might be a short-term kind of project but well it might lead to future events ;) 



Age: 13-23 (Teens)

Dance experience: Nope (Passion Please!!)

Commitment:  At least once per week 

Location: SCAPE 


Looking for a group of friends (because it won't be as awkward), or individuals that are interested! 

I can do my best to teach! (if you are better than me, you can teach me instead HAHAHA)


A little information about myself!

(You can ask the rest by pm)

Contact: 8468 3633

Instagram: Mushroomyyy_



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